Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane

I have such bittersweet feelings towards business trips, of course you want your husband to go on the trip and progress in the company but then the thought of coming home to an empty cold apartment is so NOT fun! I have enormous respect to all those women who send their husbands off to war, I can't even fathom that!
 "Babe, I don't fit!"
This is what I say to Kyle every time before he leaves as I try to crawl into his suitcase
Typically when Kyle leaves on a trip I stuff his socks with little love notes and fill his suitcase with his favorite candy and this time I decided to send him a cute email of my adventures everyday. Who am I kidding I have no adventures without him!!! I'm not usually so needy but this is just how I feel I mean hello the other half of me just flew off to Chicago!  I turn into this love sick girl who sulks walking around in his sweats and listening to his favorite music. Gosh, I'm pathetic! Also amongst doing the laundry I stumbled across his preppy dark blue sweater that brings a smile to my face everytime he wears it. This sweater smelt so dang good that I just couldn't wash it! I know I'm such a creep! I'm trying to be more independent so  i've made to-do lists for me everyday to keep the blues away, If you need ideas let me know. Also ladies here are 10 things to do to show him that you love him.

1. Write him love notes
2. Slip a book he has been meaning to read into his carry-on before a long flight (or download it onto his  Kindle or iPad, if you are modern like that).
3. I got a hold of his cell and set an alarm everyday to tell him that I love him
4. Save his favorite shows on the DVR or Tivo and watch them with him when he returns
5. Stock the fridge with his favorite foods, or cook a welcome home dinner, when he gets back.
6. After you get ready for the day, and let's be honest we don't get fully ready if he's not even there to appreciate it but get ready and take a picture of yourself send him an email that says, "look how cute I look today!"
7. I love calling him at night and reading the scriptures together and then ending with a prayer. It draws us closer to eachother and brings me comfort
8. Sing to him
9. Make a video of yourself being silly
10. Make him a welcome home sign

" The trip is so far so good, I love my babe to little guy pieces! I wish that I had you in my pocket!" - Kyle
Gosh he's so cute I could eat em up!

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  1. when Kyle goes to CHICAGO you just need to go with him so you can come visit me!! :) The funny thing about this post is that lately I have been going on more business trips than Ryan .... so its a little backwards. I end up leaving love notes for him, or mailing them to him from wherever i am. I bake him meals while I am gone, etc etc. I think its sweet we miss our men so much!