Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's Go Time!!!

After several trips to the perinatal specialist and consulting with many doctors they decided it would be best to deliver the babies on Wed June 26tb which was the end of my 36th week and boy was I excited to see my precious girls and not have to worry about them anymore. My arms ached to just hold them in my arms.

On Tuesday evening Kyle and my mother cleaned out my fridge and cleaned my hospital room from my Antepartum stay which felt like was forever!!! I was being moved to labor and delivery and I wanted to jump for joy! As the wheeled me by the nurses I could hear a few of them saying that they hope they get to help deliver the girls. I felt like everyone knew me because of a couple of false alarms and going back and forth as to whether or not they'll deliver me. It was finally happening and I could hear the Motab singing the Hallelujah chorus!
They had the on call doctor come in and do my cervadil to help me dialate over night. Kyle went and got me a delicious meal from Olive Garden because they said I won't be able to eat anything for a while. We hung out watching my favorite show Friends and discussing our future with our girls. We couldn't believe it was really happening! This was our last night alone. Kyle gave me a sweet blessing and we said a family prayer for the delivery the next morning.

36 weeks Are We There Yet? 

So excited to see my angels 

Talking to my girls. Whoa that's a BIG belly

Hospital visits

I wasn't a huge fan of having visitors I think because I'm so vain lol but they were pumping me with steroids such as Pregnazone which made me gain up to 4lbs a day so my face was extremely puffy and I looked awful. I only let my close friends come see me.

Big thank you to Kristen Duncan, Lindy Davies, and Brooker Bee for being so sweet and thoughtful! I also loved all the letters from the Young Women, I really needed that. It was so hard lying there day after day hoping and praying for my little angels. Wondering if they'd have to take them early? I had a lot going on not only was my blood pressure high but my platelets were so low they were nervous to deliver me so that's why they put me on Pregnazone. They limited my visitors and phone calls because it made my b.p go up. Even turned the lights down to lower my b.p oh boy was I a mess!

Now this is what true service looks like! Pampering me with a pedicure wow! Thanks Bee!

letters from the Young Women who I miss terribly

Friday, November 15, 2013

My angel mother

My sweet mother arrived at the hospital just a couple days after I was admitted. Kyle and I were both so happy to see her well because Kyle hates hospitals and I think he felt bad not being able to stay with me. When I saw my mother walk through the hospital doors I immediately felt peace and comfort. I was at the hospital for a few weeks and she basically lived there with me. She frequented the little chapel at St. Mary's and spent many many hours praying for me. She talked to the nutrition services and made sure I had the best meals that they had to offer. My mom knows hospitals all too well because my little brother Jakey suffers from Chrones disease and she's there with him day in and day out. She made sure she knew where everything was for us and made friends with all the nurses and even some visitors. Kyle loved the free ice cream that my mom would find for us. My mom had me make a list of everything I needed done before these girls came. Having the girls bedding done for the girls nursery was very important to me so she borrowed Brooker's sewing machine and sewed in my room. When she was at our house she made sure Bauer was fed and walked everyday. She truly was amazing! 

My cute mom and handsome hubby watching a missionary fireside 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Father's Day Freak Out

I was admitted to the hospital on June 19th at 35 weeks just two days after the maternity pics. I noticed I had a shortness of breath and this may be TMI but I was leaking. I called the on call doctor first thing in the morning and he told me to come in. I decided to take our already packed hospital bags. When we pulled up and walked into the hospital I had an extremely hard time walking and felt dizzy and shaken, I knew things weren't right. When we went to check in they had been expecting us and when they checked my vitals one of the nurses looked horrified but trying to cover it up. One nurse said my blood pressure was and I quote, "that was scary high!"
This is my big bump all hooked up to the monitors checking our girls heartbeats. They said after taking my blood pressure every single hour and having it not go down they put an IV in me and admitted me. They're saying I have preeclampsia. I called my mom and she's freaking out about to hop on the nearest plane together here but she already bought her flight a few days ago and is scheduled to get here in a few days. All day they had been debating on doing an emergency c-section and taking the girls a few weeks early and I'm so grateful that they didn't!!!

My poor hubby spent his first Father's Day in the hospital with me all day long. What a trooper! Kyle P Evans I love you with all my bump and that's a lot of love because there are two babies that make up this bump! I know that you'll make a magnificent father that will love and care for our angels unconditionally! Happy Daddy's Day! Love, me, Ashlyn, and Kensley!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Maternity shots continued...

Love this candid shot of Kyle making me laugh

Of course we needed to incorporate the chalk board 

I can't wait for my lil ladies to wear these cute shoes 

I'm the luckiest

Double the pleasure double the fun twin maternity shoot

We found a great photographer around Richmond and I had always wanted to have maternity photos taken to document our excitement for you girls. It was exhausting but well worth it. By the end I just about went into labor!

Melons about to PoP 33 & 34 weeks

This sums up Kyle's sense of humor. Kyle is so crazy sometimes. 

By now I had to quit my personal assistant job that I loved so much! We couldn't attend the full block of church and I couldn't wear my 6 inch heels anymore. These girls were growing and we were pleased that they were getting the health and strength that they needed to continue to grow.

My goodness girly girls you're getting so big and boy is mommy feeling it! I'm ready to PoP! This following weekend we're getting maternity shots done and we can't wait!