Friday, November 15, 2013

My angel mother

My sweet mother arrived at the hospital just a couple days after I was admitted. Kyle and I were both so happy to see her well because Kyle hates hospitals and I think he felt bad not being able to stay with me. When I saw my mother walk through the hospital doors I immediately felt peace and comfort. I was at the hospital for a few weeks and she basically lived there with me. She frequented the little chapel at St. Mary's and spent many many hours praying for me. She talked to the nutrition services and made sure I had the best meals that they had to offer. My mom knows hospitals all too well because my little brother Jakey suffers from Chrones disease and she's there with him day in and day out. She made sure she knew where everything was for us and made friends with all the nurses and even some visitors. Kyle loved the free ice cream that my mom would find for us. My mom had me make a list of everything I needed done before these girls came. Having the girls bedding done for the girls nursery was very important to me so she borrowed Brooker's sewing machine and sewed in my room. When she was at our house she made sure Bauer was fed and walked everyday. She truly was amazing! 

My cute mom and handsome hubby watching a missionary fireside 

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