Friday, November 8, 2013

G.N.O Baby Shower

I had a few hours to rest after the first baby shower to change into my evening baby shower dress with some stilletoes because why can't you be pregnant in heels and my best friend of 15 years Shannon Hahn Aka Shanny Wanny came to pick me up. Shanny and my other best friend Jess rented out a private room at a sentimental restaurant for us Mimi's Cafe. When I walked in there were balloons and flowers on the table with hot pink nail polish at every place setting. It was so fun and cute!

Shanny talked my bundt cake into coming- when he walked in and saw that it was all women he immediately needed a drink! Ha ha

Once an Entertainer always an Entertainer

My sister explaining to everyone why a pregnant woman should not be wearing these heels

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