Thursday, November 7, 2013

Caution BUMP ahead

                                                      12 Weeks Pregnant with baby plums
I took these pictures every Sunday because let's face it that's the only day of the week that I truly got ready. At 12 weeks I had horrible fatigue and morning sickness (all the time sickness) 
Thanks to my sweet hubby for his awesome artwork on the chalkboard! 
13 weeks Pregnant with my sweet peaches
This was from my pregnancy journal 
Today you babies are each the size of a peach! You're both growing because Mommy is having a hard time fitting my pencil skirts ha ha but that's okay I can sacrifice those for a few months. 
At church everyone was telling me that I don't even look pregnant but I certainly feel it. Love you both and I can't wait to find out if you're boys or girls or one of each. 
14 weeks with my lil lemons
14 weeks and you're now both the size of lemons! I wish that I could feel you kick but haven't had the
chance yet. Whenever you're ready just kick away to say hello to your parents who love you both so so much! Still sick and oh so tired. I hear it'll get better ;)

You babies are now the size of apples! That's crazy! You can now see a tiny bump and I'm starting to feel less nauseated which is such a relief! Thank goodness! 
Mommy and Daddy are house hunting to make room for you two. Well we have room now but we want to have our own home. 

Daddy loves Sperbowl Sunday

At 16 weeks mommy was so ready to find out what you two are boys, girls, or one of each. We were out to dinner with the Duncan's and I was telling Kristen how badly I wanted to know the sexes of you two and she said that she'd call her friend who's an ultrasound tech at the hospital and see if she could squeeze us in for an appointment. 
When she said yes we dropped everything and went over there. It was so fun and so exciting as we watched the faces of the tech and Kristen and try to guess what you sweet babies are. We did this early because well lets be honest mommy cant wait any longer. We didnt want to know right away we want it to be a surprise at our gender reveal party. 

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