Friday, November 8, 2013

18 weeks pregnant The Perfect Pair (one of my favorite chalkboards that Kyle did)
By now I was feeling so much better, no morning sickness and I actually had an appetite. At this point I was looking forward to going to work and church.

Guess what?!? We went in for an ultrasound and it was the long one where you typically find out the sexes of the babies and when they scanned baby B which I have always said was a girl the tech said yes it's a girl and then she scanned baby A and it's another girl! Ahhh TWO GIRLS!!! How lucky are we?!?! We were both in shock! We thought that if there'd be a mistake it would be two boys which I was preparing for. ;)
20 weeks-Half way there living on a prayer! 
I cannot believe that I have two baby girls the size of bananas!!! That's crazy! Feeling good and shopping around for adorable frilly dresses ;)
Gosh we're so excited to fly back to California and everyone wants to throw us showers when we go home in a month for Easter. I immediately told Andrea and Sara because they were doing the invitations and we wanted to make sure the genders were correct lol. My sisters are all so sweet to want to throw me a shower I can't believe the guest list is 70 people! Wow! So fun this one will be a brunch in the Evans backyard so perfect! 

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