Thursday, November 7, 2013

17 weeks a boy and a girl boy were we wrong!
Guess what?!? Well you know what you are but I can't believe it one of each?!?! Well that's actually not 100% it's more like 90% but it was so fun having the party with our closest friends. Kristen filled two huge boxes with balloons to reveal and the first box we opened was a boy which we expected lol and the second was a girl absolutely perfect! We're beyond thrilled and excited to start decorating your nursery. 
We found our dream home!!!
Today we received a wonderful phone call from Aimee Toomey regarding the house across the street from them and how the older couple that live there need to downsize we were ecstatic because ever since we moved here we've been trying to get into their neighborhood. It's one of the best around all the homes are brick and beautiful. We immediately called the owners to get a private tour..
Because once it goes on the market then there will be a bidding war because homes in this neighborhood go so quickly. We toured the home and knew that's where we wanted to live even though the home does need some work. It's just not updated whatsoever but its also $100,000 under what the neighbors have paid so we feel good about it. We're making an offer tomorrow!
Our offer went through and... WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!! Finally after a year of house hunting we got our dream home and I'm so excited to start the nursery for you two! 
We'll be moving in about a month so there's lots to do! Hooray!!! 

Valentines Day 2013 

Happy valentines day babies! Today was so wonderful because your daddy took such good care of us and made us feel so loved! The day started with delicious breakfast in bed yummy heart shaped French toast ( daddy's a great cook) and then mommy took a nap of course lol then daddy worked a little and mommy prepared for YW activity tonight and then it was fun getting dressed up and going to a fabulous lunch at El Grotta. The whole lunch we discussed you two and how we wanted to raise you, what traditions we wanted and our happy little family. It was such a romantic lunch. We went to lunch because im in charge of the Yw service activity and we've decided to babysit so the parents in the ward could have a date night. Kyle also has Eldres quorum meetings tonight so lunch was the perfect alternative. I love our family so much!!! 

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