Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's Go Time!!!

After several trips to the perinatal specialist and consulting with many doctors they decided it would be best to deliver the babies on Wed June 26tb which was the end of my 36th week and boy was I excited to see my precious girls and not have to worry about them anymore. My arms ached to just hold them in my arms.

On Tuesday evening Kyle and my mother cleaned out my fridge and cleaned my hospital room from my Antepartum stay which felt like was forever!!! I was being moved to labor and delivery and I wanted to jump for joy! As the wheeled me by the nurses I could hear a few of them saying that they hope they get to help deliver the girls. I felt like everyone knew me because of a couple of false alarms and going back and forth as to whether or not they'll deliver me. It was finally happening and I could hear the Motab singing the Hallelujah chorus!
They had the on call doctor come in and do my cervadil to help me dialate over night. Kyle went and got me a delicious meal from Olive Garden because they said I won't be able to eat anything for a while. We hung out watching my favorite show Friends and discussing our future with our girls. We couldn't believe it was really happening! This was our last night alone. Kyle gave me a sweet blessing and we said a family prayer for the delivery the next morning.

36 weeks Are We There Yet? 

So excited to see my angels 

Talking to my girls. Whoa that's a BIG belly

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