Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The answer to our prayers

As we contined to pray, read, fast, and attend the temple and we saw the blessings pour down from Heaven!!! 
Exactly one month went by and I threw out my back so we went to Patient First. The doctor came in and checked me out and said that she wanted to run some x-rays I told her that was fine because I'm not pregnant. She insisted that they do a pregnancy test just to make sure. Thirty minutes went by and she said that they weren't going to do any x-rays because I was in fact pregnant. WHAT?!? I am what?!? I yelled this over and over again. We made the doctor tell us again and again and show us the proof. Can this be real? Why not I was promised this in a blessing. There are still miracles today just like in biblical days. God loves us all the same. We hugged each other and cried with joy. That night we went home and prayed in gratitude that The Lord had heard our prayers and had in fact answered them! That night I remember planning for our future with Kyle. Is it a boy a girl or possibly twins?!? 

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