Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The steps of faith that let us to two amazing miracles

Honestly I have no idea where to start because its been so long since I've blogged! What I do know is I have a great desire because I want to capture and record the moments with my little angels, Ashlyn and Kensley and my amazing husband. 
I remember I stopped blogging because I felt like nothing was exciting and fun in my life anymore and I was frustrated because my life wasn't going as planned and who wants to read about that. I had this huge void which was the fact that we didn't have children. We both had wanted something so badly and it was difficult because it was out of our control. We tried EVERYTHING!!! You name it we tried it, seeing 6 different doctors and traveled all over the nation to meet with specialists.  We met with councilors and adoption agencies. Even though it was the hardest trial that Kyle and I have ever experienced it was all worth I because we grew closer to one another and to the Lord. 
We moved from Irvine California to Richmond Virginia November of 2011 and even though its very different we love it! We started meeting with several different doctors and specialists once we moved here and once we heard the words "I'm sorry, but you'll never be able to have kids." From more than one doctor we lost hope and felt like our world was shattered into millions of pieces and I didn't know how to pick up the pieces. In order to start I knew I needed more faith. Kyle and I both served missions for our church and we taught people every day to put their trust in The Lord, why weren't we taking advice that we gave to others? We prayed for an extra measure of faith to go on. Faith to find the answer to our trial. faith to have the hope to have kids regardless of what others said. Faith in miracles and most importantly faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ.  
We started praying and reading the scriptures more earnestly. We went to the temple as often as we could. Seeing the blessings from these steps of faith was tremendous! When I went to the temple I had very special spiritual experiences all of which gave me the promise that I would be able to be pregnant and have a family. 
My older brother Keith is a spiritual giant and he was sitting in the Temple thinking about us and our situation. He felt impressed to give Kyle a blessing of healing as well as myself. Well Keith lived in California at the time and we're in Virgina. Keith received the prompting more than once and The Lord provided the way. Kyle had a business trip in Chicago and Keith happened to have one as well and we actually flew into Chicago the same day. We all knew this was divine intervention and we met up and Keith gave us the most piwerful blessings that we've ever experienced. I remember seeing the room get brighter! I Remember feeling all the weight be completely lifted off my shoulders. Most of all for both our blessings I remember receiving the confirmation that we will have children and its going to be soon! Tears streamed down my face in gratitude for a loving Father in Heaven that has given us the precious gift of the Priesthood and the healing power that it has.

Fast Forward to General Conference of October 2011 hearing President Eyring's talk Where Is the Pavilion? This talk was exactly what I needed! I prayed for a divine errand. At that moment I knelt down prayed to God and submitted my will to Him.

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